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Why Hillary Haters Should Vote Hillary

Submitted by Robin Messing on Wed, 09/21/2016 - 9:23pm

Someone, I'll call him "Bill", wrote that he was not sure who was the worse candidate--Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  I told him:

For God's sake, read some of the stories on my list. They will help you figure out which candidate poses the greater danger. Our country will live through four years of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is an existential threat to our country.

Bill responded:

What you and many others refuse to acknowledge, Robin, is that many voters are simply sick of the idea of "four more years" of status quo oligarchy, corruption, and military aggression. Perhaps it takes the threat of a Trump presidency to awaken your country's political elites. Honestly I don't know.


Another poster, let's call her Sue, responded that people not recognizing that Trump is an existential threat represents a failure of the educated class.  Bill responded by laughing at Sue and calling her arrogant.  This is my response to Bill.


First, you do not know me and you do not know what I will or will not acknowledge.   I see you called Sue arrogant.  Look in the mirror, buddy.

Second, I am quite willing to acknowledge that people are fed up with politics as usual and don't trust Hillary in particular.  Being willing to acknowledged this does not require you to put your brain in deep freeze and choose someone who will lead us to destruction.

Third, Hillary was not my first choice.  As I'm sure Larry will testify,  I have argued fairly tenaciously that Bernie was the way to go.

Fourth, under ordinary circumstances, I would probably vote for Jill Stein.  I like many of her policies--especially her more even-handed approach to dealing with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  However, voting for her risks putting someone with the maturity of a nine-year old in charge of nuclear weapons.  That I will not risk.  And while I would have been tempted to vote for Stein because of her policies, I lost a great deal of respect for her judgment within the last 24 hours when she said that Clinton was a greater threat than Trump.

Fifth, I said Trump had the maturity of a nine-year old.  But not just any nine-year old.  He has the maturity of a spoiled brat nine-year old who has never been disciplined and who never had to face the consequences of his actions. 

He is also a charity cheapskate who, as far as anyone can tell, did not give money to charity from 2010 to 2015.  What's more, he used money donated by other people to the Donald J. Trump Foundation to pay for $258,000 in legal fees, a $20,000 six-foot-tall portrait of himself, a $10,000 four-foot-tall portrait of himself, a $25,000 gift to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's PAC, and a $12,000 autographed Tim Tebow helmet.  Apparently, his "charity" is as scammy as his University.  If he does this with money from his own charity, what will he do with our taxpayer dollars?  [Update 9/26/16: David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post just published a story that muddies this point up a bit.  Donald Trump apparently directed $2.3 million of money he was owed by others for services rendered to be deposited in the Trump Foundation instead.  However, Trump's own spokesman, Boris Epshteyn, denied that Trump directed the money be sent specifically to the Trump Foundation.  It is also unclear whether Trump paid, or had to pay income tax on all or part of the $2.3 million.  The whole situation is very confusing, so read Fahrenthold's report and evaluate it for yourself.]

Sixth, not only is Trump a charity cheapskate--he uses every trick in the book to avoid paying taxes.  He paid $0 in federal income taxes in 1978, 1979, and 1984, and he paid either $0 or close to $0 in 1991 and 1993. Now admittedly, the early 1990's was a hard time for Trump with his casinos going bankrupt.  The poor fellow was forced by his creditors to live on an allowance of only $450,000 a MONTH.  (That is not a  typo.)  But still, most of us would be willing to contribute SOMETHING to the U.S. government if we received $450,000 a month.  But not Donald.  He hates taxes so much that he put goats on two of his New Jersey golf courses to lower his property tax by getting them designated as agricultural properties.

Trump is a charity cheapskate who doesn't pay his fair share of the taxes.  That means SOMEONE has to make up the difference.  Who do you think it is?  Obviously the little guy, including all the SUCKERS who are willing to vote for Trump. Donald Trump only cares about one, or possibly a few people.  That is himself, and maybe members of his family.  He sure as hell doesn't care about you or any of the suckers who will vote for him.

Seventh, Trump is a lying liar who lies. Sure, Hillary has told a few whoppers, but she looks like Abraham Lincoln next to Trump.  If Donald Trump was Pinocchio, his nose would be slamming into the Andromeda Galxay.

Eighth, I am hardly the only one who has concerns about Hillary but who will support her because they view Trump as an existential risk.  I've included a fair number of links for you so you can verify what I have said in this post.  I hope you will use them, but if you are too lazy, too time-restricted, or just too damn obstinate to use them, then at least watch these two videos by Cenk Uyger of the Young Turks.  In one, he laments the Democrats' choice of Hillary as their nominee.  In the other he crushes Trump as the king of liars.







While you're at it, I recommend searching The Young Turks' channel for their "Loser Donald" videos.  They may open your eyes.

Ninth, people who support Hillary tend to be better educated and/or more moral.  You may call this statement arrogant, but it is the truth.  The Stupid is strong amongst Trump supporters. A December 2015 poll showed that 41% of Trump supporters wanted to bomb the fictional city of  Agrabah.  You have to either be a special kind of stupid or evil to want to bomb a city you know nothing about.

Meanwhile, 375 top scientists, including 30 Nobel  Prize winners, are urging us to vote against Trump because Trump believes man made climate change is a hoax.

Are 375 top scientists not enough to convince you that voting for Trump would be a disaster?  Then listen to billionaire Mark Cuban.   I guarantee you that Cuban is smarter than the VAST VAST majority of Trump supporters. What makes Cuban interesting is that he originally supported Trump for president. Then, the more he learned about Trump, the more horrified he became. He now calls Trump "an immediate and present danger to the security of this country."

Here is a key passage from an article that explains why Mark Cuban changed his mind about Donald Trump.


Once he won the Republican primary, I honestly expected that he would start to become more businesslike. That he would start to add details to his top-line proposals. That he would demonstrate that he was learning the issues that he could face as president. I didn’t see him making progress or even effort on any of those fronts. But that alone wasn’t enough for me to endorse Secretary Clinton. I have been in the public eye for a long time and have never actively supported any candidate. There were two things that finally led me to endorse Secretary Clinton: The first was that I did quite a bit of homework to understand all the allegations that were directed toward her and found almost all not based on fact and the remainder far from material. The tipping issues were Trump’s positions on NATO, our treaties, dealing with our allies, his comments on nuclear weapons, and his lack of understanding of the concept of deterrence. His ignorance of these issues scared the shit out of me.


Cuban issued the following challenge to Trump on Twitter:






Of course Trump won't take up the challenge. He is too much of a coward. Or he doesn't give a damn about charity. Or both.

Tenth, and perhaps most important:  Putting nukes in Trump's hands jeopardizes the world.  Watch this video featuring Tony Schwartz, Trump's ghostwriter who got to know Trump very well during the 18 months he spent writing "The Art of the Deal".




Then watch this video where Joe Scarborough tells about a national security expert's experience when advising Donald Trump.




To sum up, I hear you when you say voters are fed up with business as usual. Despite your arrogant assumption that I refuse to acknowledge this, I most certainly DO acknowledge it. But voting for Trump because you don't like Clinton is like jumping off a two hundred foot cliff because you don't like the smell of a nearby skunk.

I have only scratched the surface of why Trump would be a disaster.  Take a look at my recommended reading list for more information.  It is very long, but it is still far from complete. I will add more articles as time permits.



Update 9/22/16: I received two interesting tweets from Trump supporters in response to this article.  One said, "that just convinced me even more to vote for him. I didn't get how it made Hillary look better". The other said, "Why Hillary supported are such blind sychophants: Actually, I have no idea." Trump may or may not get a chance to build a wall on our southern border, but he has already built a wall around the brains of many of his supporters that is impervious to evidence and logic. Here is an article by a neuroscientist affiliated with George Mason University that might explain this phenomena.

9/24/16: Minor update for clarity.