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What Star Trek Can Teach Us About The Warren-Sanders Divide And Fighting Russian Disinformation

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 01/20/2020 - 2:17pm

Please click on this tweet and read through the thread. It is a perfect response to the #RefundWarren and the #ITrustBernie hashtags that were on Twitter last week. I have no doubt that at least some of those who pushed it were Russians, laughing up their asses at sowing division among the left.



This reminds me of "The Day of the Dove" episode in the original Star Trek series. (Spoiler ahead) There is an alien being who has managed to get a group of Klingons onto the Enterprise. It sets the crew of the Enterprise against the Klingon Crew and the two groups fight each other to death, except no one ever truly dies. As soon as someone from either crew dies, the alien brings him back to life so he can live and continue the fight. The alien feeds off the hatred of the two crews for each other. Its goal is to promote that hatred. It wants the two crews to be locked on the Enterprise, adrift forever in space, and fighting and "killing" each other in an endless war. Only when the two crews realize the game that the alien is playing can they learn to trust each other enough to defeat it.


I can't recommend this episode highly enough.




The alien in this episode is playing the same game of divide and conquer that the Russians have been playing against the West for decades. They are doing everything they can to take existing divisions and making them worse. They are pitting us against each other to weaken us.  Operation Infektion is both a tremendously entertaining and informative documentary that examines Russian and Soviet disinformation campaigns stretching back to the 1980's. These campaigns are carefully designed to pit us against each other and weaken us. Please watch this video and pass it on. Vladimir Putin won't like it.





No Democrat--no American who loves this country--should be spreading around hashtags like the #RefundWarren hashtag with the intent of unfairly attacking her. Similarly, we should not be attacking Bernie or any other likely Trump opponent with such nonsense. The only ones who benefit are Trump and the Russians. We must learn to behave like the crew of the Enterprise and the Klingons when faced with a force that wants us to fight forever. "Only a fool fights in a burning house!"  And make no mistake about it--under Trump, America's house is burning (not to mention the wildfires in Austrailia due to climate change.) And Remember--Vote Blue No Matter Who.