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Why I'm Going Supernova on Neil deGrasse Tyson over Donald Trump

Submitted by Robin Messing on Sun, 03/13/2016 - 11:24am

It’s hard not to love Neil deGrasse Tyson. I challenge you to listen to Star Talk Radio and not be impressed by his humor, his warmth, his humanity, his concern for society and the environment, and his ability to explain science.  That’s why I was shocked when I saw his tweet implying that those who oppose Trump are only doing so because they fear his followers.

Much as I like Tyson, I had to twitter blast him with the force of a supernova.




















I tweeted all of the above last night.  But since then, theDonald has become scarier.  Much scarier.  I used to hope he would win the Repbulican nomination because he would be easier for the Democratic candidate to beat.  What he is saying is only marginally worse than what Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio are saying.  But now he is falsely blaming Bernie Sanders for inciting his (Bernie's) supporters to shut down Trump's rally in Chicago Friday night.  And now he is threatening to unleash his (Trump's) goons on Sanders and his supporters.  Make no mistake about it.  He had earlier said he would pay the legal bills of any supporter who beat up a potential tomato thrower at a rally.  And this morning, he said that he would consider paying the legal bills of a supporter who actually did sucker punch a protester at one of his rallies.  Though it is conceivable (though unlikely) that he doesn't want it interpreted this way, his followers are likely to believe he is giving them a green light to physically attack his opponents.  In light of this, the following is a veiled threat of physical violence against Bernie Sanders and his supporters.



When a mafia Don tells you, "Nice store. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.", he's really not admiring your store.