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Tom Reed, John Plumb, Donald Trump, ISIS and Censorship

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 10/24/2016 - 4:20am

Republican Congressman Tom Reed of New York's 23rd District continuously spouts nonsense couched in vague generalities. For example, look at this October 19 post from his unofficial politician's Facebook page.


We cannot allow for our current national security policies to continue because they have endangered the lives of Americans. DC John Plumb helped create these failed foreign policies while working for Obama. These policies endanger our families.

It's easy to criticize, but Reed offers little as far as specific plans of what he would implement. He used to accuse President Obama and John Plumb for being soft on Russia and for not standing up to Putin in Ukraine and Syria. Just take a look at his March 20April 12April 16May 4, and June 14. posts where he bashes, bashes, bashes Obama and Plumb for not challenging the Russians.


Tom Reed was one of Donald Trump's earliest endorsers. Reed has been VERY reluctant to attack Obama and Plumb for appeasing the Russians now that it has become obvious that Trump to will take a softer approach to Russia than Hillary Clinton.  I wrote a column in the Ithaca Journal in August that demanded Reed rescind his endorsement of Donald Trump or be seen as a hypocrite on this issue. Despite my column, Reed has not rescinded his endorsement of Trump. Nor did he rescind his endorsement when the infamous pussygate video came out. And when roughly a dozen women stepped forward and said that Trump kissed or groped them without their consent, did Reed rescind his endorsement? Nope.


And when Donald Trump apparently hinted that the "Second Amendment" people assassinate President Clinton if she appointed Supreme Court Justices who would restrict 2nd Amendment rights, did Reed back away? Of course not. And when Trump cried that the elections would be rigged and that he might not recognize what he claimed would be an illegitimate Clinton Administration, he sowed the seeds for discord, chaos, or even civil war.  But was this enough to get Reed to tell Trump "ENOUGH!"? You've got to be kidding me. And when Republican Senators John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, and Joe Heck and others rescinded their endorsements, Did Tom Reed join them? Or did he take a hint from former RNC head Michael Steel who said  that he would not vote for Trump and that Trump's performance had him "damn near puking during the debates"? Or did Reed terminate his endorsement when Arnold Shwarzenegger said he could not vote for Donald Trump because he saw it as his duty to put America's welfare above his party's? Did Reed finally take this opportunity to say "Hasta, la vista, Baby" to Donald Trump? No, despite all of this Reed has clung to his endorsement like it was the last life preserver on the Titanic.


But I digress from my main point. Tom Reed's foreign policy has all the substance and gravitas of cotton candy. It is a house built on a foundation of platitudes, not plans. It is as meaningful and deep as a debate over whether Miller Lite beer tastes great or is less filling. And nothing demonstrates the contrast between Reed's know-nothing approach and John Plumb's measured experience than Reed's discussion of how to handle ISIS and Islamic extremists. 


I would like to post a link to my analysis comparing Reed's and Plumb's approach to ISIS as a response to Reed's October 19 Facebook post cited above. Unfortunately I can't because Reed has blocked me from commenting on this page. (I am hardly the only constituent that Reed has blocked from responding to his Facebook posts.) So if anyone is out there who hasn't been blocked by Reed wants to post a link to my article on Reed's Facebook page then please do so. It is possible that Reed  has filters set up that will block all posts with links from appearing.  If that is the case then simply write, "If you want to see a detailed comparison of Tom Reed's plan and John Plumb's plan for visiting ISIS then visit themessinglink DOT com."  And take a screenshot of your post immediately after you post it. There is a relatively good chance Reed will delete it, so taking a screenshot will document his censorship. And if you do take a screenshot and your post is deleted, please let me know about it.