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Privacy Hypocrites: Donald Trump's Taxes and Your Internet Browsing History

Submitted by Robin Messing on Sat, 04/15/2017 - 8:15pm

23 Representatives--all Republicans--voted to keep Donald Trump's taxes secret.  Of these 23 Representatives who voted to help Trump with his cover-up, 22 voted to allow YOUR ISP to sell YOUR browsing history.  At the very least, those who voted to keep Trump's taxes secret while allowing ISPs to sell YOUR browsing history should be considered privacy hypocrites.  Some may consider them enemies of the American people. Whether you consider them merely hypocrites or outright enemies, these philosophically contradictory votes should be used to smack these Representatives in the face again and again when they are up for reelection.  

Here are the Republicans who voted against taking a look at Trump's taxes.  Of the 23 who wanted to protect Trump's privacy, only Dave Reichert of Washington voted to allow you to keep your browsing history private. The figure in the right-most column is the amount of money each representative received in campaign contributions from the telecommunications industry (read ISPs) during the last election cycle.


These Representatives voted against seeing Trump's taxes   These Representatives are among the 265 members of Congress who voted to let ISPs sell YOUR browsing history  
1. Kevin Brady of Texas   Brady, Kevin Republican TX 8th $20,000  
2. Sam Johnson of Texas   Johnson, Sam Republican TX 3rd $16,700  
3. Devin Nunes of California   Nunes, Devin Republican CA 22nd $37,750  
4. Pat Tiberi of Ohio   Tiberi, Patrick Republican OH 12th $53,250  
5. Dave Reichert of Washington*              
6. Peter Roskam of Illinois*   Roskam, Peter Republican IL 6th $33,600  
7. Vern Buchanan of Florida   Buchanan, Vern Republican FL 16th $18,900  
8. Adrian Smith of Nebraska   Smith, Adrian Republican NE 3rd $28,500  
9. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas   Jenkins, Lynn Republican KS 2nd $34,750  
10. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota*   Paulsen, Erik Republican MN 3rd $50,500  
11. Kenny Marchant of Texas   Marchant, Kenny Republican TX 24th $12,000  
12. Diane Black of Tennessee   Black, Diane Republican TN 6th $27,750  
13. Tom Reed of New York   Reed, Thomas Republican NY 23rd $31,500  
14. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania   Kelly, Mike Republican PA 3rd $34,700  
15. Jim Renacci of Ohio   Renacci, Jim Republican OH 16th $48,000  
16. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania*   Meehan, Patrick Republican PA 7th $64,200  
17. Kristi Noem of South Dakota   Noem, Kristi Republican SD 1st $38,200  
18. George Holding of North Carolina   Holding, George Republican NC 2nd $31,100  
19. Jason Smith of Missouri   Smith, Jason Republican MO 8th $47,500  
20. Tom Rice of South Carolina   Rice, Hugh Republican SC 7th $18,500 The Representative for SC 7th is Hugh Thompson "Tom" Rice 
21. David Schweikert of Arizona   Schweikert, David Republican AZ 6th $4,000  
22. Jackie Walorski of Indiana   Walorski, Jackie Republican IN 2nd $21,250  
23. Carlos Curbelo of Florida*   Curbelo, Carlos Republican FL 26th $45,700