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Netanyahu's Speech

Submitted by Robin Messing on Wed, 03/04/2015 - 5:40am

There is no doubt that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a great campaign speech yesterday, and I'm sure he was very convincing to those who don't follow events in the Middle East and the nuclear talks closely.  But put aside his soaring rhetoric and perfect delivery and ask yourself one question: Is his approach a realistic way to deal with Iran's nuclear program, or is he just shooting at the best chance for a peaceful resolution with a Bibi gun?

I highly recommend the following for a better background to answer this question--a background that Prime Minister Netanyahu would rather you didn't have.


  1. Netanyahu's Expert Testimony on Iraq in 2002: Nothing provides a better gage to judge how accurate Netanyahu is at predicting the future than seeing how his past predictions turn out.  Watch his 2002 testimony where he said that the regime in Tehran would soon fall once we invaded Iraq.  Bonus points for his creative use of Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210..
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu’s Iran Exaggerations Now Clear for All To See:  On September 27, 2012, Bibi Netanyahu went to the UN with a cartoon bomb and sounded the alarm that Iran would obtain a nuclear weapon within about a year.  How accurate was his assessment?  Not so much, according to the Mossad, Israel's equivalent of the CIA.  J.J. Goldberg looks at a secred Mossad memo written less than a month after Netanyahu's speech.
  3. 11 Bogus Arguments Bibi Will Likely Be Making Against an Iran Deal: Lara Friedman perfect debunking of Netanyahu's speech. What makes this article so amazing is that she was able to provide the perfect debunking even before he gave his speech.
  4. Netanyahu's Speech: Gary Sick argues that Netanyahu's fantasy can better be understood by what he left out of the speech than what he included.
  5. Netanyahu, Other Iraq Hawks, Try to Push U.S. Into War With Iran: Robert Creamer shows us how Netanyahu and his neocon supporters are leading us down a path to war.  If you like where they led us in Iraq, you'll LOVE what they'll do for us in Iran.
  6. The Fantasy World of Benjamin Netanyahu: Responses to His Talk To Congress: Rabbi Michael Lerner argues that a Strategy of Generosity is more effective than a Strategy of Domination.


Former Mossad leader Meir Dagan summed up Netanyahu's speech most eloquently and succinctly.  He only needed one word to do so.



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