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A War With Iran Could Feed Anti-Semitism In The U.S.

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 07/02/2012 - 10:35pm

Larry Derfner, a former columnist for the Jerusalem Post, points out that for the first time, Israel is likely to drag the United States into a war it doesn't want.   This is likely to lead to a backlash against Israel and a rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. if the war with Iran goes badly. Derfner writes:

And for the first time in history, blaming the Jews for getting America into a war would not be anti-Semitic lunacy, it would be a logical reaction. I want to stress here that blaming American Jews in general for “wagging the dog” would be totally wrong and unfair - most of them are liberal doves. However, blaming AIPAC, the rest of the Israel lobby and, above all, Israel for wagging the dog would be like adding two and two.

I agree.  It is unfortunate, but I doubt  Joe Sixpack is likely to distinguish between the high-profile, big-mouthed Israel-Firsters at AIPAC and the multitude of average American Jews who want to see the crisis in Iran resolved peacefully. That is why it is especially important for American Jews to demand that Israel should have to do more before we blindly follow her into battle.  Israel should be told that they have to be willing to allow IAEA inspectors into their facilities on the same basis that they are allowed into Iranian facilities before we agree to dragged into war.   The United States is Israel's only real ally, and they need to realize that they put that alliance at risk if they look like they aren't even trying to achieve a peaceful solution.  Call it tough love, but sometimes you have to rub your best friend's face into reality.


"What do these Danish cartoons have to do with the Jews?"---Hitler was hanrigunag his troops and as he came to the high point of his speech he screamed out "And WHO is responsible for all of Germany's troubles!?"A little man all the way in the back cried out "The bicycle riders!"An astonished Hitler asked "Why the BICYCLE RIDERS???"The little man asked back "Why the Jews?"---(Evil needs no reasons.)